Who Are We?



The answer to the question of “Who Are We?”, which is slightly marginal and extreme, is associated with the following concepts and questions, as well.
1: Who aren’t we actually?
2: Some may know who we are. Some may tell people who we are or some may learn what we do from people who know.
3: Some may know what we are and what we do, but some may confuse themselves with us.
4: Famous anecdote about the elephant: There was an elephant and five men who had never seen an elephant before. Their eyes were covered with a blindfold and were put next to the elephant. After a while, the man who touched the elephant’s tail, depicted the elephant only as a tail. The man who touched the elephant’s trunk, depicted the elephant only as a hose. The man who touched the elephant’s foot, depicted the elephant only as foot. And it went like that…

So, people think with words. Words lead to concepts, concepts form your own world. You can understand and interpret the real world within the capacity of your own world.

For example, we are a virus. A virus inuring people to “Online Shopping over the Internet”. Our motto is: “If you turn your back on sun, you find yourself in the dark”

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The best answer to the question of “Who are we?” will be: The things that people see, who are not blindfolded like the men who come to the elephant, on the contrary, who live with their eyes wide open.

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